Torrenueva’s A-1 Beach

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
By Martin Myall

MOT Torrenueva BeachIt was in the 90s that Torrenueva started to seriously look after their beaches – nearly 30 years later it’s paying off big time!

This soon-to-be-independent town has five top-quality certificates under its belt; more than any other beach along the Costa Tropical.

What’s the secret? Well there’s no secret formula, just slogging away at improving the beach services each summer. The First Councillor, Plácido Lara, also says that they looked West, to Málaga, for inspiration.

Torrenueva not only has the Q-Calidad certificate, like many big beaches on our coastline, but it also has the Bandera Azul; a distinction that it only shares with Motril’s Playa Granada.

But it doesn’t stop there because Torrenueva also has a ‘cardiosaludable‘ certificate, meaning that if you do have a heart attack there – let’s face it, the beaches are filled with beautiful women – there is a ticker kick-starter available.

ADZ De la Cuesta Baner

What else? Ah, yes, it has recognition for it easy access; something it shares with only two beaches in the whole of Spain, as well as an ISO 1400 Environmental Certificate – haven’t got a clue what that is, but it probably means that you can clean your teeth with the sea water without growing an extra head or glowing in the dark.

Torrenueva even has more lifeguards on duty there than is required by law and has a cleaning craft, skippered by a local fisherman who can yodel in Japanese and lick his own eyebrows… OK, so I am making up the skipper’s abilities, but come on, Ladies and Gentlemen, hats off to Torrenueva!

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