Torrenueva Independence?

Saturday, April 7, 2018
By Martin Myall

MOT Torrenueva OverviewThis Motril dependency has long sought independence from its mother town but now it has all the necessary paperwork together, at last.

The last document to go into the segregation dossier was one that lays out the new municipal boundaries between Motril and a possibly independent Torrenueva.

At the moment this seaside town has an ELA status, which is a semi-independent one, with its own First Councillor, Plácido Lara.

It is hoped that they should have some sort of answer back from the Junta de Andalucía within a month.

If the Junta approves it, it will go before the Consejo Consultivo (Advisory Board) whose decision is final.

Councillor Lara considers that Torrenueva is ripe for independence as it has already demonstrated its ‘economic solvency;’ it juggles its own shekels convincingly. This financial stability means that it will be able to finance its own municipal police and other public services, receiving grants directly instead of through Motril

“Segregation is important because when we start collection our own taxes we will take about one million more,” said the councillor. That’s what they said about Brexit

Torrenueva officially set off on the road to municipal independence in 2013, although there has long been a ‘keen hankering for it.’ That same year a new law came about (which the town quickly took advantage of) which does not take into account the proximity of another urban nucleus.

Carchuna-Calahonda made their move under the previous law which does take this point into consideration, hence their failure to obtain independence. Consequently, they’re going to start again using the 2013 law.

The snag is that the new law stipulates that there must be a minimum population of 5,000; Torrenueva has them; Carchuna-Calahonda still does not, so they might start raiding neighbouring towns and carting off women and cattle in order to increase their population figure…

So certain is Torrenueva that independence is just around the corner that they held a poll to find a new name and one was chosen with 1,500 votes: Torrenueva Costa.

Now, the true, really indicative action that will confirm full independence is when the Seaside Gazette online opens up a news section for Torrenueva…

So there you go! Eat your heart of Cataluña!

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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