Minors Sold by Own Sister

Sunday, March 4, 2018
By Vivienne Hughes

SPN Minors Sold 01Two Romanian girls, aged 16 and 17, were liberated from captivity, after being sold by their own sister for 10,000 euros each.

The minors had run away from home after suffering sexual abuse by their father and had sought refuge in the house of their elder sister. Once there, the said sister and her husband set about negotiating their ‘sale’ to other Romany-Gypsy clans; i.e., sold into forced marriages.

All told, seven people connected with this affair were arrested in Zamora and Valladolid in Castilla-León.

Police investigations had begun in November 2017 when they had caught wind of a rumour going around that a clan in Zamora had sold two, teenage girls to neighbouring clans for 10,000 euros each. The investigation uncovered, first, that the girls had been sexually abused by their own father, causing them to run away from home, and second, about their own sister’s part in their being sold.

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The first girl to be sold was sick at the time and had needed medical treatment but the matriarch of the purchasing clan considered treatment unnecessary. As for the second girl, besides being abused by her father, she was also assaulted by her elder sister’s husband.

(News: Zamora & Valladolid, Castilla-Leon)

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