Police Brutality?

Saturday, March 3, 2018
By Martin Myall

SPN Police BrutalityThis video went viral on Twitter, with most people condemning this policeman’s actions, however, others suggest that it could be taken out of context and ask what led to it.

The real question is, can anything justify a policeman acting in this fashion? The answer is clearly no.

However, the Councillor for Citizen Safety in Lleida (Cataluña), where this took place, defends the professionalism of the policeman.

The man being kicked and hit with a chair is a Moroccan, which raises the question of racism. Would this municipal policeman (Guardia Urbana) have done this had the man been a Spaniard?

Judge for yourselves and reach your own conclusions.

(News: Lleida, Cataluña)

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