Riots Against Rumanians

Friday, January 12, 2018
By Hugh MacArthur

AND Pedrera SevillaA traffic dispute in Pedrera (Sevilla) ended in rioting and several cars belonging to Rumanians being turned over.

Dozens of the 5,000 inhabitants participated in this unrest as a result of the ‘word getting round’ on social media; videos appeared showing several people tipping over cars and messages accusing three Rumanians of being responsible for the rise in crime in the town.

This reaction was triggered by an earlier traffic accident involving three Rumanian nationals, whose car collided into another one containing a Spanish couple. Although nobody was hurt, the ensuing argument resulted in the Spanish male receiving a nasty head wound.

The Rumanian men were arrested and the police are still trying to identify the people involved in damaging the cars around town.

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The left-wing Mayor, Antonio Nogales, only made things worse, even though he was trying to calm things between the foreigners and Spanish townsfolk, when he said, “personally I would like to see people get put up against a wall and shot…”

The opposition parties are calling for him to resign, whilst he has tried to play down his words by saying that it was a joke and meant ironically.

However, there is probably an irreparable rift between the Rumanian immigrants and the Spanish townsfolk, who are determined to see the back of all the Rumanians in Pedrera.

(News: Pedrera, Sevilla, Andalucia)

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