Reader’s Letter: Tunnel Speed

Saturday, January 6, 2018
By Gazette Reader

LHR Tunnel del MarchanteWe spend most of our vacations in Herradura and are of course then driving through the Tunel del Marchante many times. In the eastbound tunnel we have noticed the peculiarity that first half of the tunnel has a speed limit of 80 and the second half is 100. When the tunnel also has a sign at the entrance warning of speed control, it gets funny.

I believe it is the system where your speed is calculated by timing of entrance to end of the tunnel, meaning your average speed in the tunnel is what matters. So it seems you can do 90 all the way through and be ok.

I am just wondering, is there a speed control there at all? And if it is, what speed is it based on; 100, 90 or what?

Would you or anybody else happen to know?

Best regards,

Petter Urdahl

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One Response to “Reader’s Letter: Tunnel Speed”

  1. I have checked using Google street view and the eastbound tunnel does change to 100 about 2 thirds of the way through. The westbound is 100 its entire length.

    You can also notice that in the accompanying photo the ‘100’ has been covered up on the big blue sign and the small illuminated sign displays the 80 limit. This illuminate one is a temporary one; i.e. it can be changed due to circumstances and traffic conditions.


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