Salobreña’s Paseo Completed

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Martin Myall

SAL Paseo FinishedThe Salobreña PP, who were in power before the socialists there, have inspected the seafront paseo, accompanied by the national MP, Carlos Rojas. Carlos Rojas, readers might remember, used to be the Mayor of Motril.

They point out that the repair work that has been carried out is thanks to the Central Government (also governed by the PP). Could have sworn, myself, that it was thanks to taxpayers’ money rather hands out from his party.

MP Carlos Rojas pointed out how metres of the beach has been gained and that the new paseo is a great tourism asset. He also remarked that the new groyne will protect the beach from wave erosion.

The seafront paseo is 1.5 km in length while the last part (500 m) is no longer accessible to traffic. This renovation work cost 800,000 euros.

Furthermore, 8,000 sq/m of ex-paseo have been reincorporated into the beach – the new part is mainly pedestrian as oppose to a 2-lane road, plus pavement either side, so it’s much narrower.

The new section of paseo has benches, flowerbeds (planters), as well as trees – there’s even a cycle lane.

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MP Carlos Rojas finished off by highlighted all the many things that the Prime Minister has done for this area of the coast: the autovia and port improvements, for instance, together with 14 groynes along the Costa Tropical.

Editorial comment: whilst Sr Rojas was reeling off what money the PM has spent on the Costa Granada, he could have pointed out that what his party has stolen in Madrid and Valencia, just for starters, far outweighs the amount of taxpayers’ money that actually got past the PP ‘filter’ and was spent on public needs here.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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