Huge Almuñécar Cocaine Bust

Saturday, November 11, 2017
By Martin Myall

ALM Taramay Cocaine BustThere has been a drugs bust in Almuñécar involving an incredible 1.2 tonnes of cocaine. Amongst others, a British lorry driver was arrested.

The actual bust, one of the biggest hauls to have taken place on Spanish soil, took place last Saturday but the Policía Nacional did not make it known until yesterday, Friday the 10th.

There have been five arrests, three of whom are British and the other two Spaniards. The drugs gang was based both in the UK and Spain and although the cocaine stash in Almuñécar was the large part of the merchandise, they also had hidden away a slightly larger amount in Zarutz in Guipúzcoa, (Basque lands) where they also ran an indoor hashish plantation .

Police investigations into an international drug-trafficking organisation, began in 2016, whose modus operandi was to bring large quantities of cocaine into the North of Spain for later transportation to down here in the south.

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In Almuñécar the gang, one of the most active ones in Europe, had established a business infrastructure as a front for transporting the drugs in smaller quantities to other, smaller, drug-trafficking organisations.

Taking advantage of lorries on normal distribution routes, they moved the cocaine about hidden amongst normal cargoes.

It was a British lorry driver that first attracted the attention of the Policia Nacional, moving between the UK, Andalucia, Murcia and Valencia. He took a legal load from Valencia to Burgos to pick up more goods. From there he went to San Sebastian to meet up with another person in a car who would go in front as a scout, leading him to a farm, far away from settlements.

Using only B-roads (secondary) the shipment would arrive in Taramay where the driver and other members of the gang would unload it.

ALM Taramay Cocaine Bust 2When the police struck they had unloaded 483 packages weighing just over a kilo each, giving a total weight of 531 kilos.

Hours later, the police raided the drug storage location in the Basque Lands where the drugs had been stashed underground. Two people were arrested and 612 packages of cocaine were recovered with a total weight of 678 kilos

One interesting last point was that amongst all the items confiscated, from cars to mobiles, they also discovered a list of the number plates of unmarked police cars used by the Policía Nacional – and lists like that don’t come in Lucky Bags.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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