Sacred Tyres

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
By Hugh MacArthur

GRA Pissing on TyreThe Guardia Civil are looking into a strange incident that took place in a hamlet called Delgadillo (Gobernador) during their fiestas.

There was a dispute between locals from Torre-Cardela and Delgadillo that ended up with two arrests and illegally owned firearms confiscated.

So, what caused the punch up? It appears that one of the Torre-Cardela crowd urinated on the tyre of the local’s car; an act hardly likely to generate fraternity and concord.

But it was an accident; it was dark, he was pissed and pissed where he shouldn’t have. Unfortunately for him, the car owner was nearby and saw what was happening. In fact, it was three in the morning and everybody was three sheets to the wind.

Again, unfortunately, for the errant urinator the car owner just happened to have a shotgun in his car, so he shot him. Fortunately for the victim, the car owner was seeing double and most of the pellets missed.

Before you could say, “Stand still whilst I reload… both of you!” nine other people joined the dispute. No further shots were fired but at least one of the combatants suffered broken bones.

The man with the shotgun wound was taken to the nearest medical centre where the pellets were removed from his back. Obviously when you have your pecker out and somebody is pointing a shotgun at you, you turn around quickly – better a peppered bum than a holed pecker.

Delgadillo, by the way, has just 34 inhabitants whereas Torre-Cardela has 813 – well, nearly 812…

This being a small community, the victim did not want to press charges, which means that the police involvement has petered out, but the aggressor has been done for the illegal possession of a firearm.

The moral of the story? The smaller the village; the lighter you have to tread and for God’s sake, look where you take a leak!

(News: Gobernador: Montes de Granada, Andalucia)

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