Children Defending Children

Friday, October 6, 2017
By Martin Myall

SPN Protesting SchoolchildrenThere are times when children put adults to shame and what happened in a Catalan school is one of those times.

Some 200 school children at the Instituto El Palau in Sant Andreu de la Barca demonstrated outside their school against the bullying of Guardia Civil children at the school. It took place at 08.00h in the morning with the protesters refusing to enter.

What had led to this was the fact that some teachers had singled out pupils with parents serving in the Guardia Civil before their classmates, putting them in an impossible situation where they had to choose between defending their parents and confront the teachers and their own classmates.

One teacher singled out a pupil before the whole class to say, “I suppose you’re happy with what you father did yesterday!” The teacher went on to add, “I can’t give class as always because we are very upset. The ignorance of the Guardia Civil is clear; they know how to meter out blows.”

The said school is only 100 metres from the Guardia Civil Head Quarters, which means that many of the students are the children of servicemen.

The Head Teacher at the school, Josep Anton Asín, explained that several parents had complained over the incident. He said that he and his staff were looking into it.

Teachers at the school had allegedly pressured pupils into demonstrating against the violence on the voting day and five refused and told their families about what was happening. The parents then came to collect them.

One of the parents explained, “There were many children who didn’t dare complain and came home after class crying.”

This protest outside the school took place on Wednesday and the following day around 50 people gathered outside the police HQ to show their support for the Guardia Civil.

Editorial comment: Two points: bullying at school is often in the news, but this is the first time that we have seen teachers bullying students for political motives since Franco’s days. Secondly, we haven’t posted much on the Catalan situation since the BBC began wide coverage, but this is one incident that has gone under their radar, so to speak, hence our covering it.

One final point, the photograph has a blurred horizontal streak because you cannot publish the faces of minors and the photo was originally much bigger with faces clearly visible.

(New: Cataluña)

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