Swede’s Gory Suitcase

Thursday, September 14, 2017
By Martin Myall

Swede's Gory Suitcase 03The case of a stabbed police detective, the dismembered body of a male hairdresser in a suitcase and double-murderer, Brazilian-born, Swede figures prominently in the news of late.

A inspector from the Policia Nacional’s Homicide Squad had been following a trail of blood from a dumped suitcase to an apartment block entrance and ran straight into the the suspect on the stairs. Before a word could be exchanged, the man pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed 51-year-old, Blas Gámez Ortiz, several times in the side, which took his life.

The policeman’s partner, who witnessed the attack, fired off seven rounds, killing the assailant.

What had started off this fatal encounter was the discovery of a suitcase next to rubbish hoppers, the case contained the dismembered corpse of a male hairdresser – the head and one of the arms were missing.

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Witnesses reported having seen the Swedish man struggling with the suitcase the night before, forced to drag it to the rubbish hopper because of its macabre weight. Hours before, the Swede had killed the hairdresser, Alberto E. F. V, with whom it is believed he was in a relationship, and had cut him up in the bath.

All this took place around midday on Monday the 11th in the Valencian quarter of Barrio de Ruzafa on Avenida de Peris y Valero.

(News: Valencia)

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