The Adventure Begins

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
By David Darby

On Saturday the 23rd of September at 18.00h, CD Almuñécar City will take to the field in their first ever league match. The opposition will be CDALM Football poster Granada Base and the location is the Municipal Stadium on the P4 in Almuñécar. There will be no charge at the gate but you can make a contribution of however much you want.

Player/Manager, George Jermy, the coaching staff and players are all just anxious to get the season underway, “We just hope we can get plenty of local people to the stadium to support us,” George explained. “The players are up for it and there will be lots of gifts and competitions on the day.”

Remember, CD Almuñécar City is a Spanish team made up of international players from all over the globe. With players from Britain, Spain, USA, Australia and Russia to name a few, there is sure to be someone to shout for! They are starting at the very bottom of the Spanish league system and intend to work their way up through the leagues year on year. With the talent they have in the team and coaching staff… it could actually happen.

Just imagine… if the ‘dream’ comes true and in years to come they are stepping out in La Liga to play the likes of Real Madrid, you could say, “I was there at the beginning…”

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