Endesa Reassures Motril

Friday, September 8, 2017
By Vivienne Hughes

MOT electricity substation OnLAfter two consecutive power cuts on Saturdays this summer, Endesa maintains that the town’s power system is not defective but is in ‘perfect condition.’

Furthermore, the utility company claims that it spent 40,000 euros during 2016 renewing 450 metres of underground medium-tension cables there. As for this year, it says that it is spending 60,000 euros on sub-station and line maintenance.

So, what is happening in Motril? The latest incident was caused by two simultaneous faults on the main power lines out of the Santa Isabel substation, which supplies the town : one HT line has fallen and the bridge-over on an electricity pylon had failed.

The trouble is that when the power goes down, the municipal system for street lighting shuts down, meaning that on both Saturdays concerned the municipal electricians had to go out and manually fire up the street-lighting system, street by street, which involves 60 main circuit boxes.

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On the first Saturday that this happened, it took the maintenance crews all night to get the whole street-lighting system up and running, whereas on the second Saturday, they managed to do it in just two hours.

Regardless of the reassurances coming out of Endesa, the Councillor for Municipal Maintenance, Gloria Chica, has called upon the company to carry out check ups on the substation because at this time of year when the temperatures drop and damp sets in, it always seems to produce problems up there. More money spent on the substation wouldn’t go amiss, either, she considers.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía)

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