La Herradura Bay Swim Tale

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
By David Darby

LHR Bay Swim KimWe’ve seen, both in the news and on social media, the spectacle that is the La Herradura, across-the-bay swim. But can we really imagine what it’s like?

Today I had a chat with Sports-Massage Therapist,  Kim Harwood, who swam in the women’s 30/40-age category and finished 3rd. She, came first in the local category (all swimmers from La Herradura). So, with over 200 people competing, we can assume that Kim is no slouch when it comes to cutting a few strokes.

As a young athlete, Kim was amongst the top 10 swimmers in GB for her age and competed in the Olympic trials, so yes, I guess we can assume there is a bit of experience there.

So, I asked Kim what it was like:

“This was possibly the hardest bay swim I’ve been involved in,” she explained, “The water was not really rough, but a bit choppy with an under-current which made it extremely hard going.”

“The start is always difficult, and getting a few knocks is normal in the chaos, but a couple of times I was pulled back by the legs. Not necessarily on purpose, just people trying to find space in the crowded water to get going.”

“The biggest problem this year was the current, and at about halfway I realised this was much more difficult than any I could remember. I also noticed that some swimmers were having to zig-zag to make any decent headway.”

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“Although my fitness levels were good this year, I possibly lacked enough swimming practice time, but getting third is a real honour amongst some really good swimmers. The first place in the local category was an added bonus. My time of 37mins 43secs is way off my best across the bay, but in those conditions, I have to be happy with it.” She concluded.

A very impressive swim by Kim. So, is she going to have a rest and polish her medals? Oh no… she is now focusing her attention on the next big swim on 17th September – Cantarrijan to La Herradura which will be a 3.8 km event.

We’ll be watching and supporting her all the way! In the meantime Kim… Enhorabuena!

(News/Sports: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía)

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