Family Dies in Flash Flood

Friday, July 7, 2017
By Vivienne Hughes

SPN Valle de Jerte BarranquismoThe emergency services in Extremadura have located the bodies of four victims in a canyoneering accident, all four are of the same family.

The accident took place in the Barranco de Hoyos near Jerte in the north of Cáceres whilst the family were practicing abseiling down waterfalls. They were accompanied by a monitor and it was he who alerted the police.

The victims are the father, the mother and two daughers. There is only one survivor, 6-year-old son, who was found clinging to a tree with a head injury. The two daughters were aged eleven and nine.

The Guardia Civil, pointed out that the Valle del Jerte had received heavy rain around midday, which caused a flash flood to descend the barranco.

When the monitor reported the family as missing, search parties comprising of the Guardia Civil, aided by firemen, Protección Civil, Red Cross, as well as an air-ambulance helicopter, had been deployed to find them.

The bodies of the two girls were found first and then the father; the mother was found last, three kilometres downstream from where the boy was found.

(News: Jerte, Caceres, Extremadura – Photo:

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