Another Bouncy-Castle Accident

Monday, May 15, 2017
By Hugh MacArthur

SPN Collado Villalba Sport CentreWithin the space of just over a week, there have been two incidents involving badly secured, bouncy castles, resulting in injuries and even a death.

This second incident, which resulted in injuries, most of which were slight, thankfully, took place in Collada Villalba, near Madrid during the inauguration of the local ‘school Olympics,’ at the Sports Centre.

It appears that the lashing came loose from large stones that were being used as anchors. Bear in mind that within 24 hours, the whole story could change, as was the case in the previous incident, where the first police press release spoke of an “explosion” instead of the structure simply coming loose and flying 40 metres.

In this latest incident there were seven kids inside when it took off but thankfully it resulted just bruises, except for one child who suffered a broken wrist.

Police and Protección Civil personnel on duty at the event extracted the children from the rapidly deflating structure.

(News: Collada Villalba, Madrid)

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