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Sunday, May 14, 2017
By Hugh MacArthur

SAL Urb Alminares from aboveThe police have arrested a Romanian man accused of “illegal detention” (kidnapping), as well as the illegal possession of firearms, in Salobreña’s Urb Alminares.

A police patrol was alerted by a neighbour to a robbery that was taking place in a house on the urbanización on Friday. The Guardia Civil went to the door and found it open.

Inside they found two young men tied up and with evident signs of having been beaten up. The police untied them and gave them First Aid as they had quite bad injuries to the face, head and bodies.

They were preparing to take them to hospital when another patrol that had turned up spotted an individual fleeing from an upstairs window and heading for a nearby-parked car. This was the Romanian man mentioned in the first paragraph.

Furthermore, the parked car contained 193 kilos of marijuana, allegedly removed from the house where the victims were – it appears that the man had raided the house, armed with a gun, tied up the two men, and then beaten them to find where the drugs were hidden.

This was the house where in a previous article about the drugs found on the urbanización the police had uncovered 1,200 plants and the indoor plantation was equipped with carbon filters to mask the smell of marijuana. The illegal hook-up to the mains had been concealed within a wall and the Endesa engineers were hard pressed to find them.

As for the house itself, it appears that it had been rented for 700 euros a month but the owner had no idea what it was being used for.

Finally the police suspect that an accomplice was involved but had escaped before the police arrived, as it would be very difficult for one person to keep a gun on and tie two people up.

The police believe that the two beaten men were small-time ’caretakers’ for the plantation and that it was really run by a criminal organization. Nevertheless, the two men have been charged with a ‘crime against public health (a drugs charge), as well as energy theft for the illegal hook-up.

(Editiorial comment: as is always the case, news is often conflicting as it becomes available and the police press releases are sketchy if the operation is ongoing.)

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía)

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