Jete-Ítrabo Junction Work

Sunday, May 14, 2017
By Martin Myall

ALM Jete-Itrabo junctionAnybody that has taken the Otívar road and passed by the Ítrabo junction will have seen that workmen are up to something.

What they are building is a raised gardened area on the present road junction. So what’s going on in the valley?

The Chairman of the Mancomunidad; the entity that is financing several projects in the area considers that Jete, Otivar and Lentegí have “enormous tourism potential.”

So, back to the Ítrabo junction, it appears that they’re going to build a parking area with a sort of picnic area, where there will be a large sign-cum-board with lots of tourist information on it.

At first glance it looked as if it was going to be changed to a roundabout junction but that would have been very impractical seeing as the Ítrabo road runs parallel to the Jete-Otívar road, separated only by a crash barrier where they join.

And, yes, the valley does have a lot of potential, especially Otívar but what it is lacking is accommodation, either in the form of a small rural hotel or a camping-cum-log cabin set up.

We will post a photo of it when it is all finished!

(News: Jete, Costa Tropica, Granada, Andalucia)

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