The Dog Killers

Thursday, May 11, 2017
By Martin Myall

AND Dog KillersUp in Valverde de la Virgen (Leon) a 47-year-old man stands accused of tying his dog to the rear of his car, making it run home, resulting in it dying from exhaustion.

Editorial comment: Nowhere on the net does it mention how far the dog was forced to run, but evidently to run a dog until it drops from fatigue and dies can only indicate that the dog owner is completely unsuitable to own an animal.

Meanwhile, down in Linares (Jaen) a man was arrested and charged with having beaten his dog and then finished it off by throwing it off a balcony – we’re talking about an 11-month-old pup.

The neighbours had heard blows and noises during most of the afternoon, as well as the yelps from animal. Finally, the dog, called Blade, died as a result of its fall.

A police patrol was sent round to the address after receiving complaints via the 091 (national police) number.

They found the dog dying on the ground and the neighbours explained that as soon as the animal was thrown from the balcony, all the lights were turned off in the owners flat.

The police questioned the dog owner and he claimed that he had had to beat it and had put it on the balcony…

(News: Leon/Jaén)

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