Teens Die in Lift Accident

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
By Hugh MacArthur

SPN Lift DeathsTwo teenagers died yesterday in Madrid when the floor gave way in the lift they were using between the 8th & 9th floors – the fall killed them both instantly.

The accident took place at Nº4 on Calle Hermanos Bécquera in the Salamanca area of the city, at 16:50h. The victims, a girl and boy, were both aged 17.

When the ambulance crew got to them there was nothing for them to do other than to wait for the coroner to sign the death certificates.

The building, although containing luxury flats (300 sq/m), is a very old one. However, work had been carried out on it recently.

The victims had finished their exams that same day and had gone to visit friends and celebrate.

The lift company that made the lift has made no statement and will not do so until the accident investigation has concluded.

The City Hall has confirmed that the lift had passed all of its periodic checks; the four-yearly in August 2015 and the last maintenance revision in April this year.

(News: Madrid, Spain)

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