Sewage Treatment Woes

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
By Martin Myall

NRJ Sewage Treatment Plant 05:17Yes, we’re obviously talking about Nerja, whose new sewage-treatment-plant work must be going faster than light… as its going backwards – just joking.

Yes, it is increasingly looking like Nerja will remain the last large coastal town on the Costa del Sol to have no such plant in the near future.

The sewage treatment plant, whose construction began in 2014, was to do away with the lamentable situation where raw sewage was being dumped straight into the sea, to the joy of the town’s beach-goers, as well as bathers further along the coast on either side.

And things were going well for two years, unbelievably – the main building sprang up, boisterously, and simultaneous work was skipping along down on Playa Burriana. Yes, incredibly 95% of the sewage-plant had been completed.

But, hey, what’s the use of all the gubbins to treat sewage if you haven’t got the pumps in place to bring it in and dispose of the treated water? And therein lies the problem. Like the Rules Dam, it’s sitting there waiting to be connected up to a non-existent distribution system.

What has been done; i.e., down on Playa Burriana? It’s hardly been started, and to top it all, the company that is behind the plant’s construction has run into financial difficulties, it appears.

The said company; a temporary fusion called Isolux-Corsán-Corviam has been up before their creditors since the 29th of March, owing a staggering 4,000 million euros, which has obviously made its 5,000 employees more nervous than a turkey during Thanksgiving.

The Burriana work, which was interrupted for Semana Santa has failed to recommence even though a month has gone by since Easter.

So, what’s missing, besides the Burriana work? Well, there’s a sewage collection point under Avenida Antonio Ferrandis, which is to be connected to the pump installations at the mouth of Río Chillar, which is practically finished, mind. It also has to be connected up with Calle Diputación – that’s a kilometre away.

The sewage collection point that is to be installed in the Mirador del Bendito area (near Burriana) where nothing has happened because the landowner has not authorised the laying of pipes along a stretch of about 100 metres.

But all is not lost because the UTE (that’s the temporary company fusion) hopes to be able sort out its financial problems in such a manner that will permit it to finish the project within the “agreed time frame,” according to the Head of the Water Board.

The Ministry of the Environment, which is completely financing the work with a budget of 23.4m euros, claims that the work has advanced “importantly,” and holds that it will all be finished by the end of this year – whether they were referring to the End of the World (Armageddon) or somebody throwing open the choke and firing up the plant, remains to be seen.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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