Lanjarón Tragedy

Sunday, June 26, 2016
By Martin Myall

One man burned to death and two hospitalized with severe burns after a man appears to have intentionally set himself and two pub customers on fire.

The incident occurred on Friday around 4.30h in a well-known pub in Lanjarón when a man allegedly burst in with a container of inflammable liquid, pouring over himself and two other people before setting everything covered in petrol alight.

The aggressor died on the spot and was literally carbonized, whereas the two badly burnt pub customers were flown by hospital to the major-burns ward of Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga.

The were also four other people affected, having suffered burns of varying degrees of importance.

Why is the big question and there are only rumours as answers at the moment. The most circulated one is that the man had had several run-ins with the owner of this establishment on Avenida de la Alpujarra over the noise. Again, this is just vox populi and cannot be taken as fact.

The Guardia Civil are investigating and no doubt more accurate information will become available within the coming week or two.

One last point: the first people to arrive at the scene were two off-duty firemen who happened to be passing by outside.

(News: Lanjarón, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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